Ngargee means 'gathering for celebration' (Boon Wurrung language)

Gathering to celebrate

Come together for Yaluk-ut Weelam Ngargee, a free one-day celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creativity and culture where everyone is welcome.

Sound-tracked by the some of the best First Nations artists in Australia, the festival features household Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander' names and rising stars in live music, food and fashion as well as traditional dance, drop-in workshops, food tastings, competitions and exciting activities for people of all ages. 

Ngargee (pronounced Narg-ee in the Boon Wurrung language) means 'gathering to celebrate.' Join us in O’Donnell Gardens, a past and present gathering place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, for a magical family-friendly day celebrating stories through art and living culture.